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The aim of this project was to help clients of our financial advisors to easily see how they are doing in their financial goals and status. Snapshot features real-time synchronization of client's accounts and financial plan from core App AdviserGo.

My contribution throughout the process was iterating the design from start to launch. Doing research in the discovery phase, working with developers and stakeholders to sort out features and constraints.

Industry Project - Voyant Snapshot

Forms | Balance-sheet | Dashboard
Duration: 6 months to produce first MVP
Roles: Research, User flow, Design


Clients need to look for Advisers to generate individual reports in order to see how they are doing with their goals and finances. The experience is slow and troublesome.


We found that clients experienced difficulties such as:

1. Getting real time account overview
2. Keeping accounts up to date
3. Over reliance of Advisers

We found that advisers faced the following challenges:

1. An intuitive interface that syncs real time account information for clients
2. Having to schedule meetings and generate reports frequently to show clients their plans


A dashboard to show high level overview, balances, accounts of client's input information and generate real time progress bar to show how well client is doing.

Integrated with other API such as morningstar, automatically updates to show every ebb and flow of your clients' finances.

How Might We

Keep information up to date and synchronized? Help advisers show clients how well they are doing financially without having to constantly generate reports?

SUMMARY (Dashboard)

One of the challenges when designing the dashboard was determining important information and the hierarchy of information. One thing to consider was hovering of plan start date could only be shown on desktop screens. However, we determined that most of our users will be accessing through desktop web page and that information was less vital when it comes to reviewing the accounts.

ACCOUNTS (balancesheet)

One of the challenges when designing this screen was the issues with alignments. We had to consider edge cases where the account names are too long for the columns to show. To tackle this, we decided to perforate the sentences and show full name on hover only. We also had to come up with tags to indicate account status.

RE-PROJECTION (goals progression)

When designing re-projections, we had to consider how each color would come into effect and helping users understand how they are doing without confusing them with numbers. It had to be clear, concise and well categorized. There were a lot of considerations for white space given the amount of information that had to be contain in a single screen.


To produced the first MVP, our team had completed the designs through several rounds of iterations. There were a total of 27 iterations, the final product has since changed a lot and another art direction was taken to improve the UI. If I could make this product better, I hope we could include more research as to what users would like to see besides the features we had though of. It would be great if we could also test-drive this product at the early stage of iterations.

Several banks has since expressed interest in incorporating this product into their services to help clients better access their financial plans.



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