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The aim of this project was to help advisers gather information from clients as well as pique interest of potential clients in planning their finances with them. This project was eventually adopted by Bank of Ireland and several other financial institutions had expressed great interest.

My contribution throughout the process was iterating the designs from our board game version to the responsive mobile app version. Creating game tutorials for users to kickstart when first using the app and finalizing user flow and experience from start to end.

Industry Project - Voyant Snapshot

Mobile Webapp| UI | Onboarding
Duration: 4 months to produce first MVP
Roles: Research, User flow, Design


Clients often experience poor onboarding process of long and tedious paperworks during initial consultation with their advisers.


Traditionally, advisers will provide several papers and forms for their clients to input data such as their accounts, finances and goals. They will then transfer those information into AdviserGo to generate a financial plan and report for the clients.

The process is long and tedious for clients and very manual work for the advisers as well.


An onboarding game tool to help users input their information, finances, accounts and goals interactively.

Users can invite their spouses to plan along and generate a result chart to show where they are at currently, prior to planning with advisers.

How Might We

Help advisers and clients reduce time and effort of onboarding during initial consultation? How can we increase user retention throughout the process?


We needed a responsive version of the app as we made the assumptions that normal clients would prefer accessing through their phones during initial consultations. We also assumed advisers would provide a laptop should clients choose to access a wider screen.

Since this would be introduced during initial consultation. There are a few points we thought would be important for this app:

1. Need for a smooth onboarding experience (first impression matters)
2. Need to close the loop on customer feedback
3. Keep product / Service in mind
4. Reward customers for their input and effort

The process I took to resolve these was:

1. Understanding User Goals - Clients consult advisers to learn more about the services
2. Reward - Clients receive a generated timeline and financial chart to show their current financial standing after inputing data and goals
3. Generating interest - Onboarding users through interactive game play and tutorials



The initial game was meant to spark interest of our clients and we created the board game with actual customized game table so that clients can interact with it physically. We later brought the experience online to help advisers track data and bring the experience to more clients. It was interesting to venture into Game UX as it is completely different than the fintech business we have been doing.

Everyone involved had something to takeaway, from UX copywriting to game play strategy, developing responsive gaming experience and understanding standard user behavior. ClientGo is currently still under development and has been adopted by Bank of Ireland as part of their client onboarding process during financial planning consultation.


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