Howdy! I'm Wendy Lee

I'm a Product Designer based in Austin, TX. Build multilingual and trained human-centric, I’m ready to build great products!


Research | Interviews | Design | Userflow

Designing a better animal adoption experience. Using location tracking to search and filter adoptable pets from shelters and neighbors.

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Voyant: AdviserGo

System Library | Iconography

I maintained our core library with style guides abiding atomic design system. Created a new set of iconography for core product and merchandise.

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Voyant: Snapshot

User flow | Dashboard UI

Designing high level overview dashboard of client's finances and goals. Real time synchronization with client's accounts in home app.

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Voyant: ClientGo

Userflow | Onboarding | UI | Game

Play the game of life. Advisers can map out their client's future with this onboarding tool. Client can invite spouses to plan together.

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